Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lisätty syksyn aikana (paljon uutuuksia!)

-Hagelberg, Matti: Intia sataa paraatilleni (ennakkotilausmahdollisuus, ilmestyy joulukuussa)

-Taniguchi Jiro: A zoo in the winter
-Modan, Rutu: Exit wounds
-Prewitt, Archer: Sof boy and friends 3
-Tomine, Adrian: optic Nerve 12
-Bagge, Peter: Hate Annual #9
-Hernandez, Mario & Gilbert: Citizen Rex
-Destiny - A Chronicle Of Deaths Foretold
-Hellboy 11 - The Bride of Hell
-Ryan, Johnny: Prison pit 3
-Schrauwen, Olivier: The man who grew his beard
-Kupperman, Michael: Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010
-Hernandez: Love and rockets new stories 4
-Spiegelman, Art: The Complete MAUS
-R. Crumb's heroes of blues, jazz & Country
-Seth: The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists
-Clowes, Daniel: The Death-Ray
-Brown, Chester: I never liked you
-Nilsen, Anders: Big questions
-Thompson, Craig: Habibi
-Spiegelman, Art: Meta Maus
-Schrauwen, Olivier: 30000 years of bad luck
-David B: The armed garden and other stories
-Best American Comics 2011
-Cloonan, Becky: Wolves
-Spirit archives 3, 7 ja 8
-Marti - The Cabbie
-Four color fear
-Selznick, Brian: The invention of Hugo Cabret
-Tardi, Jacques: Like a sniper lining up his shot
-Moomin 6 (Lars Jansson)

Ja kourallinen MYYRÄ-leluja

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