Monday, August 31, 2009

Kreegah Bundolon kirjakerhon syyskuun kirja

Kreegah Bundolon syyskuun kirja on Ben Katchorin Jew of New York.

Kustantajan sivuilta: "In 1825, Mordecai Noah, a New York politician and amateur playwright possessed of a utopian vision, summoned all the lost tribes of Israel to an island near Buffalo in the hope of establishing a Jewish state. His failed plan, a mere footnote in Jewish-American history, is the starting point for Ben Katchor's brilliantly imagined epic that unfolds on the streets of New York a few years later.

A disgraced kosher slaughterer, an importer of religious articles and women's hosiery, a pilgrim peddling soil from the Holy Land, a latter-day Kabbalist, a man with plans to carbonate Lake Erie--these are just some of the characters who move through Katchor's universe, their lives interwoven in a common struggle to settle into the New World even as it erupts into a financial frenzy that could as easily leave them bankrupt as carry them into the future."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lisätty 16.8.

-Moriarty, Jerry: the complete Jack survives
-Gauld, Tom: The Gigantic Robot
-Panter, Gary: Pee dog 2
-Mazzucchelli, David: Asterios Polyp
-Gaiman, Neil & Dave McKean: Crazy hair
-Gaiman, Neil & Dave McKean: Violent cases
-Gaiman, Neil & Dave McKean: Signal to noise -new edition
-Tezuka, Osamu: Astro Boy 1 + 2
-Kupperman, Michael: Tales designed to throzzle volume one
-The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 9
-The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 4
-Moore, Alan & Melinda Gebbie: Lost girls
-Jason: Low moon
-Bagge, Peter: Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me
-Hanks, Fletcher: You shall die by your own evil creation
-Sala, Richard: Delphine #4
-Free press - Underground & Alternative Publications, 1965-1975
-Crumb - A book of postcards
-Tezuka, Osamu: Swallowing the earth
-Hagelberg, Matti: Hard west