Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lisätty 4.11.

-The best american comics 2008
-Andrea Bruno: Brodo di niente (nothing broth)
-Chihoi - Hung Hung: Il treno (The train)
-Canicola 5 ja 6
-Eisner, Will: Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative
-Scarry, Richard: Best storybook ever
-Kidd, Chip: Cheese monkeys: a novel
-Love and Rockets: New Stories #1
-Dame Darcy: Meatcake 17
-Hong Kong Comics: A History of Manhua
-Woodring, Jim: Pupshaw & Pushpaw
-Gorey, Edward: The epiplectic bicycle
-Art Out of Time: Unknown Comics Visionaries, 1900-1969
-Comics Journal 293
-Jason: Pocket Full of Rain and Other Stories
-Pirinen, Joakim: Söin kaikki venäjän värit
-Tietäväinen, Ville: Linnut ja meret

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