Saturday, September 20, 2008


-Moore, Alan & Dave Gibbons: Watchmen
-Pope, Paul: Batman year one hundred
-Mignola, Mike & Richard Corben: Hellboy - The Crooked man 2 (of 3)
-Coleman, Joe: The mystery of Woolverine Woo-Bait
-Hernandez, Gilbert: Girl Crazy
-Spiegelman, Art: The complete MAUS
-Jason, Meow, baby!
-Jack Kirby's Fourth world
-Jack Kirby's Forever people
-Kirby, Jack: Jimmy Olsen adventures 2
-Smith, Jeff: Shazam! - The Monster Society of Evil
-Sfar, Trondheim, Mazan & Menu: Dungeon Monstres 1: The crying giant
-Sfar, Joann & Lewis Trondheim: Dungeon twilight 1: Dragon cemetery
-Sfar, Joann & Lewis Trondheim: Dungeon Zenith 1: Duck heart
-Sfar, Joann & Lewis Trondheim: Dungeon Zenith 2: The barbarian princess
-From the Shadow of the Northern Lights
-David B: Le cercueil de course
-Ott, Thomas: La bête á cino doigts
-Delisle, Guy: Reflexion
-Killoffer: La clef des champs
-Trondheim, Lewis & Mattt Konture: Galopinot
-Trondheim, Lewis: La nouvelle pornographie
-Martin tom Dieck: K'oud silencieui
-Sfar, Joann: Noyé le poisson

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