Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lisätty 27.2.

-Toy Comix
-Blab 18
-Cooper, Dave: Completely Pip and Norton 1
-Hideshi Hino: Oninbo and the bugs from hell
-Hideshi Hino: Living corpse
-Hideshi Hino: Oninbo and the bugs fro hell 2
-Loustal: Argentiques
-Killoffer: Guand faut y aller
-Ruppert & Mulot: Safari monseigneur
-Canicola 4
-Panter, Gary: Jimbo 1-3 (käytetty)
-Woodring, Jim: Frank 4 (käytetty)
-Woodring, Jim: Frank 1 (käytetty)
-Seth: Palookaville 8 (käytetty)
-Ruppert & Mulot: La Poubelle de la place vendome
-Kaz: Sidetrack coty and other stories
-Eisner, Will: Last day in Vietnam - A memory
-Munoz, Jose: Carnet Argentin
-Feuchtenberger & Katrin de Vries: La Putain P
-Williams, Kent: The Fountain
-Trondheim, Lewis & Manu Larcenet: Oddballz

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