Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lisätty 24.7.

-Kinski-Herzog dvd-boksi
-Dirty Found 3
-Visions of Frank (dvd)
-Palahniuk, Chuck: Rant
-Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea (paperback)
-Drawn & Quarterly Showcase: Book Two
-Exit Wounds
-Dirty Plotte #09 (Purty Plotte)
-The Playboy
-Abandon The Old In Tokyo
-The Push Man & Other Stories
-Drawn & Quarterly Vol.1 #09
-Drawn & Quarterly Vol.2 #1
-Drawn & Quarterly Vol.2 #2
-Drawn & Quarterly (NEW series) Volume 3
-Circle: Forest
-Woodring, Jim: The book of Jim

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