Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lisätty 6.3.

-So crazy japanese toys!
-The Believer-lehden numeroita
-Weirdo 20
-Daniel Clowes: Like a velvet glove cast in iron
-Jim Woodring: Frank
-Go Naked
-The art of Maurice Sendak
-The R.Crumb coffee table art book
-Kramer's ergot 5
-R.Crumb draws the blues
-My troubles with women
-R.Crumb's America
-Ware, Chris: The Acme Novelty library
-Comics Journal 279
-An anthology of graphic fiction
-Hernandez, Gilbert: New tales of old Palomar
-Who's afraid of Robert Crumb
-Millionaire, Tony: Billy Hazelnuts
-Crumb: Big ass comics
-Millionaire, Tony: Sock Monkey - The "Inches" incident 2 of 4
-Millionaire, Tony: Little and large
-Weismann, Steven: Chewing gum in church
-Moki: Asleep in a foreign place
-Crumb, Robert: The sweeter side of R. Crumb
-Anssi 8000: Kyklops vs. Svesse

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